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Thanks for visiting the site, my name is Doug Merrett and I founded Platinum7 in 2021.  I am a thirteen year veteran of Salesforce.  I started work at Salesforce as a Platform and Security Presales Specialist and always worked in an architecture and security focused role.


When I moved back home to Australia from the UK in 2015, I continued working at Salesforce assisting many customers with their security, compliance, architecture and integration requirements across the APAC region - Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, the Philippines, and New Zealand as well as Australia.


These customers came from all industries - Financial Services, Automotive, Telco, Health, Utilities, Mining, Government, Retail, High Tech, Not for Profit, Manufacturing and general business and all had a desire to learn how Salesforce worked and how they could deploy Salesforce in their business in a secure and performant way.

Since starting Platinum7, over fifty customers have had Security Assessments done and benefited from being alerted to the, sometimes serious, security issues in their orgs.  Partners have requested that I run education sessions for their Salesforce practices, and I have guided many customers on how to approach security appropriately.

I've presented at numerous Salesforce events: Dreamforce, World Tours, Base Camps as well as Webinars and many internal customer events.  Please see my LinkedIn page for details and links.

In 2016, I decided that the geographically diverse group of Security Focused Presales Specialists working for Salesforce should get together and exchange ideas and learn from each other, so with approval from my management, I created the Salesforce Security Presales team Security Summit held annually in San Francisco.  At this event, around forty of the Salesforce Security Specialists from around the world meet in Salesforce's San Francisco head office over three days to hear from speakers from the Salesforce Security, Compliance, and Engineering teams ranging from the Salesforce Chief Trust Officer, to the team responsible for managing the External Audits, to the Identity engineers, to the Salesforce Security Operations team doing the 24x7 monitoring of the Salesforce environment for threats as well as many others.

My knowledge of Salesforce's security and infrastructure is extremely deep and I have been told that my ability to educate and explain the complex and wide reaching Salesforce capabilities in simple to understand ways is one of my key skills.

Because of this, I decided to start Platinum7 to share this knowledge and guidance with Salesforce customers all over the region.  To find out more, please contact me for more information.

For the curious, the name Platinum7 came from Platinum meaning a premium service and the seven is reference to this being my seventh job since university. The logo is made from the OCR A font for the Platinum and the seven is in the Consolas font. And for the very curious, the colour of the text Platinum in the logo is #E5E4E2 which is "platinum"...

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